The Right Expertise, The Right Approach, At the Right Time

Our Philosophy

Today’s biopharma markets are increasingly demanding and dynamic.  To achieve commercial success, products must provide a significant increase in value.  This often requires:

  • Identifying ways to redefine traditional value propositions.
  • Introducing new products with unprecedented mechanisms.
  • Developing new markets.
  • Addressing the needs of an increasingly complex customer landscape. 

Success demands varying types of commercial expertise and input at different points in the product lifecycle. Strategies must be prioritized and fully integrated with the plans of research, development, and other key stakeholders. They must also account for evolving risks and trade-offs. Often times, however, opportunities are diminished and resources are wasted by focusing on the wrong issues and using the wrong approaches at the wrong time. 

Because of the depth and breath of our experience, Brigaitis & Associates is able to provide the the most effective solutions in the most efficient manner possible. We provide the right expertise, the right approach, at the right time to meet your unique needs.

About two-thirds of drug launches don’t meet expectations.
— H. Ahlawat, et al, McKinsey & Company Report, March 2014
  • This is frequently due to suboptimal commercial strategy and planning
  • Understanding not only what to do, but when and how is critical to success